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Hello my name is Abby

Little natures is an attempt to show my unique appreciation of the natural world. Most days you can assume that I have, collected twigs from the park, popped a few interesting rocks into my pocket, or pressed some (responsibly) foraged wildflowers in between the pages of a book. Collecting and foraging are within my "nature", excuse the pun! For this reason I try to express the quirky untidy yet beautiful aspects of nature in my work. 




 Because nature is my muse, I do my best to respect her by sourcing fresh flowers that are seasonal & that are, most often, grown in the UK if not in Greater London. Another way I do this is by creating an array of eco-friendly dried flowers “forever blooms”. This means giving flowers that would otherwise be disposed of a second life!

Due to the seasonality of my designs I share a small range of products online.

Please pop by my shop for a larger range of designs available.

The shop front & design studio in The Factory, 21-31 Shacklewell Ln, London E8 2DA . The Factory is a unique space! It is shared by many amazing artists, entrepreneurs & small businesses. It’s worth popping in just to have a look around. 

You can also shop my designs at ,

  • Know&Love, on Church st. Stoke Newington

  • The Sunday Broadway Market , check Instagram for updates.


 I’m always happy to create bespoke arrangements using fresh or dried flowers . Please click the "custom design" button at the top of the page to start chatting about your bespoke design. 

 Find out more about why sustainable floristry matters 

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